THe Second great awakening 

This time is when people looked to god and changed there way of life.Some of the many reforms are Improving education,Women´s rights,and Prisoners, mentally ill rights,and slave rights.

These women were social reformist in the era of reform.Elizabeth Cady Stanton was part of the Seneca Falls convention and was a women´s rights activist. Susan B. Anthony was a abolitionist and a women´s rights activist.
This is a panting of of a person owning at least 100 slaves.This is why reform happened.I am not saying that this person is a monster because if you look at the slaves they seem to have clothing and they all look considerably healthy.
Lucretia Mott is not just a women´s rights activist she also helped Horace Mann with his education reform.Out of the 40 men who attended the Seneca Falls convention Horace Mann was one of them.For those of you who do not know Horace Mann was an education reformist and he helped make public schools
This piece represents the hardships of prisoners.It shows there is only one place for them to go to for rest.Back in the 1800´s prisoners were most likely sentenced to prison for things that police officers would laugh at now.Prisoners would be sent to prison for too long of a sentence.
This shows what reform has done for America and what it can still do.The Second great awakening was an amazing start but there is still work to be done.There is still racism there is still sexism there are still prisoners that are being treated poorly.
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