The not so popular, pop art  -Deion mccarter

In this gallery you will find art pieces that come from the Pop Art movement that began in the mid 1950s.  Pop Art was an artist's way of escaping the Abstract Expressionist movement by embracing commercial influence and popular culture in their artwork; this wasn't popular among other artists who didn't embrace the Pop Art movement.  Many pieces of the Pop Art movement contain vibrant colors or intricate patterns, and in often times both elements are present.  Included in the gallery are many different mediums including prints, paintings, photographs, and drawings that show off the Pop Art movement's stylized approach, commercial tendencies, and it's embrace of pop culture throughout history.

Shown in this image is a car crash that Andy Warhol was inspired by as he took the image from front page news and he applied it to his art. Andy found that by repeating the image over and over again it took away some of the gruesomeness that the original stand-alone image held. Andy's use of color and movement within the image makes the crash standout. The movement is conveyed by the repeating of the image throughout the piece. The orange color used also helps lighten up the subject matter and casts dark shadows around the car making things seem less intense.
Patrick Caulfield drew inspiration from an advertisement he had seen for this piece called Artist's Studio. The shapes and curved lines came from a lamp shade he had seen in the advertisement and to him it represented commercial artistry. Some of the design elements that made this piece stand out was it's use of rhythm throughout the artwork. He used repeating shapes and colors in the waiting which give this seemingly random painting more visual movement. His use of detailed lines set this piece apart and ultimately allows the canvas to take over within a world of commercialism.
In Roy Lichtenstein's Alka Seltzer, he wanted to draw from daily objects and create them to be larger than life. By playing on the advertisement and commercial world he created this drawing and watercolor showcasing Alka Seltzer. He used rhythm within the piece through the dots covering the background and the gas bubbles inside the glass. This rhythm portrays the glass as moving and fizzing up from the tablet. Roy's use of lines gives the glass the look of volume and weight which adds to the look of water filling the glass.
Civic Virtue shows a collage of images that represent the struggle and clash between our citizens and the government. This piece was done as a screen print and uses many different colors depicting the light and dark areas of the message. This piece address key issues regarding the government and what it really takes a countries citizens in order to possess civic virtues. The artists behind this print used a multitude of different lines and created rhythm within the piece ultimately adding movement to each individual image. Variety is also used to take the viewer on a journey through the streets to the battlefield. The artists were influenced by the world around them included governmental issues and created this on a less traditional medium.
This image is a self portrait done by Andy Warhol. Andy is known as one of Pop Art's most famous artists of the movement. The interesting colors and repeated image is something that Andy Warhol began to use on all his stylized pieces. The colors used make the images stand out as they are warm and cool colors together. It makes Andy seem larger than life through it's design. The variety of elements used in this piece give it a unique look and a one of a kind design.
In Roy Lichtenstein's Red Barn his stylized approach to Pop Art becomes simple and complex within the same piece. This Red Barn shown is that like many of america's countryside towns and Roy used common materials in his piece such as magazine color, graphic lines and ben-day dots. The rhythm of the piece is what Pop Art stands for, a freedom from the expressionism movement and a world to create simple yet stunning images that convey messages using commercial power or pop culture. The line work in this piece gives the barn a more estate-like look and ultimately adds value to the piece. The use of strong colors make this iconic piece stand out against the rhythm and repeating dots that line the background.
This print created by Roy Lichtenstein was a piece made to celebrate America's bicentennial in 1975. Within the piece you can spot almost immediately the image of strength and foundation. You can see gears and corners of buildings that are representing the strength that America was built on. The variety of colors throughout this piece allows the image to be broken into different areas in which your eyes follow along.
This piece comes from Michel Majerus and shows an image on PVC created by the frustrated artist. The use of vibrant color against the white background conveys an upbeat feeling. Although the strongest color that stands out is the red writing that reads "Fuck the artist". The use of these contrasting colors not only goes a long way on the piece itself but in the message the artist is wanting to send.
This photograph depicts the average school photo until a plethora of colors covers the face of the teen making her anonymous. The piece was created by Douglas Coupland who was inspired by the everyday life around him. Coupland's use of color on the black and white portrait photo gestures a meaning behind today's bland teenagers who are seemingly trapped within today's technologies. The emphasis on the piece becomes the hidden face of the teenager and the splash of colors that hide her face.
Douglas Coupland's painting Better Living Through Windows showcased his interest in popular culture and his love for the original Pop Art pioneers like Warhol and Lichtenstein. Depicted here is a painting showcasing commercial tendencies from Microsoft's Windows software. The rhythm of the Ben-Day dots give this painting movement and allow the viewers eye to follow along the entire painting. The use of contrasting colors throughout the piece make the entire image standout as a whole.
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