the gods, good and the bad-dexx scott

This gallery forecast images of the gods, goddesses and mythological battles.  You will find images from most of the gods and goddesses along with statues and events about the them. 

The photo is the abduction of Proserpina by Pluto(Hades). This was done by John Cheer. Very good detail when it come to the features of both of them. In the gods world this was a dark day for the good gods but a great day for Underworld as they gain their queen.
This piece is called the rape of Proserpine by Hans Von Achen. The piece show both a dark time and a light time. The contest itself is dark along with the colors of the ladies clothing. This piece also show Hades taking Proserpine back to the underworld as her time on earth had ended. With the agreement they had Proserpine was to remain in the underworld from fall to spring when the corp are dead because of winter and would be able to return to earth at the start of the spring to regrow the corp.
The piece is Marine gods paying homage to love by Eustache Le Sueur. This piece so many different things. The colors are just down right beautiful so bright. Plus this is about love between the gods and goddess. Love can have a good(light) and bad(dark) side to it. I think you can see in the painting. The bottom part being dark and the gods wearing colorful items. You can also see the boat in the back which hints to battle.
black, white and hint of gray piece is called The battle of the sea gods. With great detail, with lines, balance, and movement. The lines jagged creating the ageressive look to the piece.. the balance is equal on the bottom and un the mid section. The biggest thing in this piece is the movement. You can really see the battle starting to happen. The god really look like that are about to battle
This piece is one of my favorite so far. This is called the andromeda and the sea monster. The move thing I see in the piece is the balance. The balance is asymmetrical, you see the the flight with the beat. With the balance again the equal of movement in this piece. You can see the flight here. The detail in the lines and how it make this look monster move.
This piece is of neptune and Amphitrite made by Frans Francine II. This showcases a crowd of people just having a good time. Color of this one stand out the most to me on this one. The variety of this piece also stands out quite well. Even though it looks like they are doing the same thing if you look close you all of them are engage in different things.
The death of Hippolytus created by Nicolas Poussin. This is a very cool piece because Poseidon sent the bull to attack. Because he didn't accept his stepmom. This piece is very dark no matter what way you look at it. The one thing that stand out to me in this piece is the texture and fade of the print. Plus the movement, if you look at this picture you can really see the fight.
Right about the time before the titan and god war. Zeus stated to fighting the Great giants alone. In this piece called Zeus battling the Giants. by Attributed to the underworld painter. The Space in this piece is both positive and negative of piece. The black figures and white off the flight that Zeus having but the space is very busy. Still great piece that leads into the final battle.
I love this piece of art work. This is pluto(hades) and Proserpine by Mola, Pietro Francesco. The color of this one has to be complementary. They flow so well together as you look and see the flight where Hades is trying to take is his queen back to the underworld. He also does a great job with the space on this piece. The three dimensional make it seem so real.
Another one that I really like is The Fall of the titans. Created by Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem. This is the final battle between the gods switch was headed by Zeus himself and the three major gods. The main thing in the one is the movement. You can see the flight and emotion in the piece. This is also when Zeus and the other gods took over and begin there time over the earth.
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