egyptian artifacts

this hippo was owned a rich noble woman who probably was pregnant, because the goddes thwart, the goddes of preggnancy was in the form of a hippo.
this "beard" is a artifact from a statue of a god which represents religion, an important part of egyptian sosiaty
this was a bronze mirror, it was bronze because ancient egyptians didn't know how to make mirrors. it was probably owned by a rich noble women because a farmer couldn't afford a mirror
cats played an important role in egypt, they were considered very sacred and the pharoah often had many
this ring was owned by rammesses one of the pharoahs of egypt
two men talking, probobly farmers, juging from the simple kilts they wear
this is a tablet with a curse, probably made by someone higher up, becouse a farmer wouldn't have the have the resourses to have somthing writen
this is a picture of a couple people, probably servents, juging from the trays they are carying
this scarab beetle was owned by a pharoah, it also is made of valuble mattireals
this ring has hyrogliphs writen on it by a scribe, who had to know over 700 symbols!
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