rural & town canvases

If I were to own a museum, I would definitely include these canvases. Personally, I find that creating art on a canvas can make art seem more realistic. It provides me with a feeling that I am part of the picture, and engulfs me in its beauty. Landscape and exploring different places in the world are my hobbies, and when I see some great paintings of these, it makes me want to visit these places. Rural places provide a sense of peace and harmony while cities can give us the idea that life never stops. I created this gallery based on those ideas, because I believe we can enjoy the best of both worlds through the work of art!

This canvas captures the busy city life, with everyone walking quickly to their destinations. The artist uses great mixture as we can see the further buildings look "fogged out" just like in a city. We can see that the author does not want to specify on one person in the picture, as everyone seems to be about the same size, with their heads down and walking to where they need to be. This is an important factor of this image because it shows the importance of life. The artist is symbolizing how one approaches the city life as everyone is so focused in where they need to be, they do not take a step back and enjoy the scenery.
The scenery and global setting is beautiful in this artwork. We can see a distant lake in the background with the author using rich and bright colours to make the image look more realistic. The people shown in the picture are shown to be enjoying the forest along with the animals.
This image also shows the author's use of natural colours with the water colour changing as it distances from the shore. The dynamic style as well as the use of the paintbrush makes the art beautiful
This image captures as far as the eye can see. The use of natural colours again, enhance the images beauty. The lush green grass, and the tall mountains create a breathtaking picture. The rainbow in the background is the cherry on top, as it is shown to be very far away from where the artist is painting this picture.
When taking a look at this image closely, we can see the rays of sunlight that the artist created. This image dates back to the 1870s and we can see that technology was very limited, and therefore it led to artists making such beautiful pictures. The detail in this picture is great because we can see the author's use of colour, shadows, and lighting. The shadows created by the lighting make the art work look more elegant.
Another canvas painting of a city. This painting seems to have captured this place on a mountain side, where the houses are on the mountain itself. This creates a 3D effect that makes this image stand out from the rest. I also chose this image because the author does not want to use details regarding the specific cars that are in the picture, or focus on the people. The artist is trying to capture the view of the whole city rather than make the view pay attention to the little details.
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