The Dreams of film 

By Syra Glaros. 

This gallery is all about dreams, but more particularly film dreams. Have you ever thought about movies as a living, breathing, entity? For that is what film is. It can change and molds itself, it can provoke and energize, it can cry and feel emotion, it can hide itself or reveal itself. Film is real and alive which begs the question, what does it dream about?

We can see here a plan in flight through a glass medium. The glass represents the transparency that films have and the plane means all the places film will soar through it’s dreams. In addition, Full Sail’s logo airplane so this one spoke to me.
Here we can see several strings of a harp painted different colors and being played by a hand. Film dreams about creation. Dreams about producing something beautiful, making music with the strings that have been handed to it.
Here we see a woman contemplating something in a dark room that is only illuminated by a single candle. Often times, films will burn the “midnight oil” for it is not easy to create a masterpiece. But film dreams of these times for it is where the best ideas are born.
Here we see a ship emerging from a cloud made up of many different colors. Film can dream about the moment a finished product emerges from the cloud of imagination. The different colors in the cloud symbolize all the creativity it takes to create a film. The ship is a representation of the finished product.
Here we see a group of people from an aerial view coming together to a certain point. Film is not without meaning. It dreams of the day when people will come together as one and look up into the heavens and see truth.
Here we see a fantastical battle ensuing including a brave knight slaying a dragon. The imagination of film is filled with fantastical battles and scenes. Such scenes that mere mortals could never understand and therefore must be brought before them.
Here we see a man working on some kind of film in a dark room and there seems to be a shadow looming over him. Dreams can be dark and give way into nightmares. Film has nightmares about a dark shadow looming over his work, taking the freedom to create what is really true.
Here we see an astronaut on the moon with a camera around his neck and some kind of device in his hand. Film dreams about exploration. Of learning new things and new ways to fly. Searching for what is put there in a land unexplored.
Here we see a man laying down with his face looking toward the sky and above him is a beautiful woman flying. Film dreams of the day where he will find the beauty. Sometimes, if we close our eyes we miss it. But film knows to never close his eyes and he will never miss beauty.
Here we see a beautiful landscape of a cliff edge near the ocean and two people standing on the edge. Film dreams about stories that are only known by few people and exposing them to the world. Beautiful stories that inspire and move all who see it.
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