the Romanticism era

Within this gallery you will go on a journey experienced through the paintings of artists focusing on romanticism. In this trip you will observe individuals discovering themselves, and the beauties of nature. In the paintings you will see an individual and how they are connecting with nature or how you yourself are connecting with the nature in the paintings. Enjoy.

While observing this painting you could see how in tune everyone and everything is to their surroundings.
This painting shows how in harmony the animals and people and nature are with eachother.
In this paintings it shows how if a person doesn't care about nature then it could destory it.
This painting shows how nature can surround you within its beauty and show you the way.
This painting shows how nature and civilization can be together thriving.
In the painting it shows how nature can be bright and illuminating as well as dark and mysterious.
Nature is filling up this painting with an image of vastness while comparing itself to a tiny human in the middle of it.
The animals as well as the human are using the nature as a resource but not killing it off.
By observing this painting you will see how everything froze in time such as the weather, fruit, time of day,food, and drinks.
This image expresses how some people will always try to change your mind with their individuality and some just will be too unamused to listen.
In this painting it shows that what you want to do might not always work out for you.
This painting shows how without nature striving it makes it kind of hard for humans and animals to strive as well.
The painting shows how vast and amazing nature is compared to humans.
The sky is being lit up providing light for nature and to lead the way for the people in the ship.
This painting is very unique because in most paintings it doesn't show most people smiling and its interesting because she is while doing daily life things.
This painting portrays this native american chief as looking stern and in a way animalized.
Credits: All media
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