Colors of the Day

This gallery exhibits the many different colors that we see throughout the day.

Lighter, more faded tones are used in this painting to reflect the start of daybreak.  Sometimes in the morning, after just having woken up, our vision appears blurry.
The light colors now have more value and are more indicative of the end of sunrise.  As the morning progresses so does our sight.
In the afternoon, the sun shines brightly and covers the world in it's warmth and luminosity.
Colors such as yellow, orange, and brown are more associated with the afternoon.
In the evening, the sun begins to fade and shadows become just as enduring as people.  In terms of hues, darker shades are used.
During sunset, the sun puts on its own art show and transforms the sky into a brilliant aggregation of oranges and purples.  The sun is going away and it will soon become dark.
The sun becomes more real and you can watch it, undoubtedly, move across the sky, downwards.
At night, a new light appears as the moon shines its own face.  Colors such as blue and black are more frequently used to imitate the darkness.
By midnight, the world becomes pitch black.  The artist depicts this painting as almost monochrome with the exception of yellow representing the man-made lighting.  
Credits: All media
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