Daniels graffiti wall

These graffiti wall are kind of balanced because the artist is trying to color it perfectly. But the thing is its just that mabie the artist wanted to be the greatest graffiti, better than everyone. Everywhere he draws a graffiti, goes in the different direction.

It kind of look like a nonobjective shapes and organic shapes cause u can see the picture of the wall and the world.
The graffiti the artist drew curl,going different direction, and there almost rectilinear shape, and organic shapes.
There kind if like organic world i think cause the shape look like an horse.
This graffiti is filled with curl and balance. The artist took his time to draw a white blood.I think thats what it looks likes.
This is geometric shape dont have much drawing, but they look like they have curvilinear shape, because the girl is floating.
These two headed wolfs are from the devils place. And there organic shape.
The artist drew perfectly and clean, and smooth.
This graffiti wall was amazing, in this they do not fit in this. But the wall
The mighty lion is from myths i think cause look at the symbol on the wall.
The graffiti is mess,but the artist wrote a words what he drew, of course we dont understand the word.
Credits: All media
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