Patterns in animals - natalie jordan

This gallery, "Patterns in Animals" includes pictures of different animals and their patterns. I focused on feathers as well as fur patterns. Animals naturally have beautiful patterns on them and I wanted to show how breathtaking they are. I hope you enjoy the natural beauty of animals in different mediums including painting and sculpture.

This is a dot painting of a cheetah. This shows the dramatic pattern of the fur and the ferociousness of the animal. The cathedral pictured in the back shows the stark contrast between the beast and the holy place. What is interesting about the piece is that it was painted, but it looks like digital artwork. That makes the cheetah look less realistic and more interpretive. The proportion of the cheetah to the cathedral is interesting because it shows the cheetah being the same size as the cathedral. That makes the cheetah look more like a beast.
This is an oil painting on a canvas of a gray spotted horse. The painting shows this beautiful pattern on a horse with gray clouds behind. The realism of the horse shows that horses are beautiful and that patterns of horses found in nature are gorgeous. The clouds show movement in the piece because they look like they are moving across the sky behind the horse. That gives the painting even more realism, because the sky looks like it is moving and the horse looks like it is realistic.
This peacock ornament, made with earthenware with majolica glazes, shows a peacock on a rock with fungi, berries, and foliage. The pattern of the tail is breathtaking and is very lifelike. The long feathers paired with the realism of the peacock makes this piece stand out. It is amazing that a pattern so beautiful is found in nature.
This painting shows a tiger prowling around dark grounds. The painting makes the tiger look ferocious as well as serene. The pattern of the tiger is beautiful and realistic. The tiger is the focal point of the piece. The bright orange colors of the tiger mixed with the dark gray and black of the ground gives a great contrast to the piece.
This is a hand-colored engraving on laid paper of a Hawks-bill Turtle. The beautiful pattern on the turtle's shell represents my Patterns in Animals theme because it is a naturally occurring pattern on an animal. The turtle is stunning and it is the focal point of the piece. There are eggs next to the turtle, which makes it look like that is the mother. That is exciting because it means that one generation is moving on to the next.
This is a Chinese painting of a beautiful white peacock perched on a branch. The peacock's feathers have a texture to them, making the piece look like you could touch it and they would feel like real feathers. The colors in the piece are gorgeous. The white peacock looks pure and delicate while the yellow flowers in the back look happy and serene. The whole piece has a sense of happiness to it. It is a very breathtaking piece.
This is an oil on panel painting of two jaguars. One is laying down and the other is standing. Both of the jaguars look menacing and mean. The one laying down has its teeth bared. The one standing up looks alert and ready to pounce at any moment. They look like they are in a cave with rocks around them. The piece is very realistic. Their spots are gorgeous and the contrast between the yellow-orange of their fur and the black spots are beautiful.
This is a translucent gray-green, partly discolored nephrite of a small turtle. This breathtaking piece was made between 1100-771 BC! It is amazing how the piece is in such great shape after so many years. The colors of this piece are what stand out. The gold and the green in the piece are beautiful and add something great to the shape of the turtle. This works with my Patterns in Animals theme because the turtle has a lovely pattern on its shell.
This ink and color on paper of two ducks in a pond give a very uneasy feeling. The dark gray sky and the big dark plant in front gives a feeling of sadness. The ducks also are pretty bland in color, making the viewer feel down. The beautiful pattern in the male duck gives a pop of color in the dark piece. The lines of the bamboo plant are what stand out in the piece. They are very tall in comparison to everything else in the piece and they are drawn very carefully.
This is an oil on canvas painting of a hyena stepping out of a door. The hyena has a beautiful pattern on its fur. The soft spots on the fur look soft and inviting. The piece is very interesting because the hyena seems to be stepping out of the side of the house. There is a bicycle in the corner of the painting making it seem like the hyena is a representation of something else. Perhaps a small boy who balances work with play. This piece works with my theme because the hyena has a pattern on its fur. There is quite a bit of empty space in the piece which makes it seem like the focal points should be the hyena and the bicycle.
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