While viewing this image Morning shadows by Sooni Taraporevala,I noticed shadow cast.From the morning sun in the image, it shows the space that's being occupied.
While viewing this image A Swift Horse by Jo Seok-jin. It shows volumetric value. Due to the 3D look in the horse and the tree .
While viewing this image by Kookoo, I noticed the amount of space in the image and the lighter and darker aspects of the image. Which shows value distribution.
While viewing this image Genova , la sopraelevata by Mimmo Jodice. I noticed the characteristics of high contrast due to the high lightening in the photo also,the image uses the value scale.
While viewing this image by Ahn Jung-sik. I noticed atmospheric perspective. Due to the very dark ,crisp shapes. While blurry shapes tend to recede.
While viewing this image Miss Xiao, by Zhang Hai'er. I noticed Chiaroscuro , due to the primary light source. Also the blurrier edges and darker edges.
While viewing this image by Ahn Jung-sik, I noticed low contrast. Due to the less amount of harder and darker shapes and lines. The image appears less hard and soft light.
This image by Letizia Battaglia shows the characteristics of high contrast. Simply because it shows dullness , dark ,and faded. It represents a smaller amount of values .
This image Ballarar Street by William Hart. shows value scale , due to how its darker at the bottom of the page than it transfers lighter towards the sky.
While observing this image Cane and Shadow by Lee Gap. I noticed attached shadows, due to the tree and the shadow of the woman.Therefore it defines the space the object occupies.
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