Emotions thru color

The imagination is twittled by color which sparks emotions.

I enjoy the structure of this piece with it's basic color palette that organization and solidarity.
I have always enjoyed the colorful life of Graffitti art. The free expression and colorful blends.
The style of the musicians is brought to life with the colorful outfits. This piece would not be the same in depth and detail without the unique coloring.
The colors in this oiece make the scene seem as if it's a lush natural setting enhanced by glowy and bold outlines on each shape.
The shine of the metals and stones are always an attention grabber. I have a deep liking for the color green as I feel it inspires feelings of genius and strong will.
The artist uses matte colors to show the calm of the nature background and the home being enhanced by the subtle actions of the family.
The multi natural coloring showing the bliss of the female form.
The coloring in this piece brings life to the shapes giving more depth to the viewers.
This piece catches my mind because of the dark to light contrast in coloring of the overall piece.
The water flowing life through the stillness of the city. The coloring of this piece is a simile of real life. The water is always the most breath taking form even when surrounded by man made marvels.
The coloring reminds me of a fading memory, holding its form in time,yet losing the energy of the moment. The unpainted form is perfect because it won't fade.
The knowledge held within is meant to be alive and invigorating to the beholder. The colors are meant to be inviting and enriching.
The scene is true to nature and gives a a sense of adventure to take time to enjoy a fresh day outdoors. All of the colors are serene and open.
The serious issue of society replacing the landscape with man made architecture. The colors represent the treasures of nature we discard as we build our world to our social taste for comfort.
The palette of this graffiti piece is colored in a way where the outer darkness and the inner light colors begin to merge revealing the overall path. The blending of the known and unknown.
Credits: All media
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