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This gallery is a composition of art work from around Asia. The pieces included in this collection are especially selected for their display of nature and man. The historical arts in Asia included many aspects of nature and how man and nature were in harmony. All of these pieces display a similar message.

This is a painting of and Indian woman sitting on a river bank. I chose this work because the way it displays nature.
This is another piece from the museum in New Delhi. The depiction of nature is amazing in this piece as well.
This is also from the museum in New Delhi. This work depicts nature and man in harmony.
This is from a museum in China. The calm display of nature is why I selected this piece.
This is from a museum in Japan. I chose this because it combines nature and mans harmony as well.
This piece is from a museum in Japan as well. I chose this one because of it's display of entirety towards nature and man.
This piece comes from a museum in Taiwan. It is exceptionally beautiful because of its colors, objects of nature and composition.
This piece is a bit more modern view of nature and humans living in harmony.
Credits: All media
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