Believe the truth

In today's society, it seems as if individuals rather be feared than loved. Some people rather be seen than to be heard. Certain individuals would rather be feared and have the power to execute certain people than be able to help and care for them. What happen to society when we all cared for one another? The arts pictured in this exhibit will identify the certain aspects where people value power than respect. Where people show that being feared is greater than being loved.

In this sculpture it represents the people protecting themselves from the oppressors. Having to protect what they feel is right. The attackers making it known who is in charge. This art ties into Plato because he is trying to explain his definition of justice and how others should view it. But Glaucon and the others believe different. They believe Plato’s logic for justice is unjust. But, "What sort of thing is justice compared with injustice". This art reminds me of Plato protecting himself from the others and still believing in his words of what justice really is. Protecting his words, wisdom and knowledge into believe right from wrong.
In the Republic it is stated, "Great crimes and pure evil come only from vigorous natures perverted by upbringing; a weak nature never does anything great, good or evil." Teaching an individual from right from wrong, as a child will better the young child into not acting unjust. Teaching them positive things and straying away from negative actions can better help them understand how to act accordingly. To have a just city, teaching the children while young and stemming away from violent actions will have them growing up and being an individual who will act in a certain matter that will help the city be at peace. A city is only what those living in it make it out to be. In result, this painting shows how teaching the proper knowledge while young, the society will have a better chance an being an ideal city. How an individual thinks and what they have prior knowledge of will determine how they act. Actions speak very loudly, so teaching the children positive information will better the city.
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