This piece is an example of "warm colors" because the orange-ish and yellow sand makes this area look rather warm or having a hop tempature then cold.
This represents "Cool colors" because the mix of blue and white makes the area seem colder.
This is a example of "Analogous" because the hair on the lady are all closely related and not to far from each other on the color wheel.
This is an example of "Complementary" because the blur is across from the orange on the color wheel and in this piece, the somewhat oraange stars look great with the dominant blue color.
This shows "monochromatic" because it has a few different shades of red but no other color but red in this piece.
This shows "Split complementary" becase it has the blue with orange colors, as well as some yellowish that also works well with this piece
This shows "primary Triadic" because it has the 3 main colors (Blue, Red And Yellow) in the piece and they are the majority of colors as well.
This is an example of "Secondary Triadic" because the Purple and Yellow Go with each other as well as the green for the bottom of the flowers also look really nice with it.
This is an example of "Tetiary Triadic" because the 3 dominant colors here are all an equal way away from each other on the color wheel.
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