Mirror images

The paintings in this gallery all feature reflections.

This painting shows two birds on a pond surrounded by trees and other plants. I selected this piece because it features a prominent reflection on the pond. I also like the amount of detail the artist included.
This piece features a conductor leading a group of instruments in a very surreal scene. I chose this painting because of the reflection from the water at the bottom of the canvas. I also found the contrast and the colors interesting.
This painting shows a still lake surrounded by green hills. I included this piece because of the clean reflection from the lake. Additionally, I thought the artist's representation of light from behind the tree in the middle ground was really well done.
This was an easy choice because the painting features the reflection on the water more prominently than the buildings that are being reflected. I think the way that the artist showed the surface of the water was really pleasing.
This painting also features trees reflected on a lake. I chose to include it because I really admire Monet and the way his short brush strokes impart a unique texture to his paintings. Even though it is similar in content to the others in this gallery I think the style makes it stand out.
This piece shows a mountain and it's reflection in a lake. The painting has a somewhat cartoonish quality with it's distinct colors and lines. I chose it because of this style and because I was drawn to the contrasting colors.
This painting shows a few ships and small boats in what looks like a bay. The reflections featured in this piece are somewhat realistic in the way that they show the color of the water. I chose it because of this fact and because I really like the artist's accurate portrayal of the clouds.
This piece depicts a mill on a cliff overlooking a lake or river, with dark clouds rolling in. I chose to include this piece because of the small reflection in the lower right corner, but also because of the interesting contrast in the sky and the kind of gloomy quality of the painting.
This piece shows the Columbia River and the rocky cliffs present in some areas around the river, as well as Mount Hood in the background. I chose it because of the reflections on the river and because it reminds me of home since the area shown in the painting is not too far from my home town of Vancouver, Washington.
This painting shows a river through a forest and the reflections of the trees on the river. I chose the piece because of those reflections and because of the detail in the trees and other features around the water. I also like the contrast created between the light sky and the darker features underneath it.
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