Color Schemes

This color scheme is anaglogous. This is because all the colors blend together and they share the common color "blue". The mood that is created in is art piece is "mysterious", "dark", "cold".
The color scheme that is presented in this piece of art is warm color scheme. The "Wedding Supper" using red and a yellowish brown. The artist may this painting feel warm, as though you were wrapped up in a blanket.
Monochomatie color scheme is being used as you have the black birds and the blue fading in the back ground. The result of the mood being portrayed is sad and loneliness.
This is a cool color scheme. This is because of the grey, light blue, and green. The mood is a wonder, kinda of confusing. You try and wrap your mind around it but you think of apples and being in an orachered.
Complementary color scheme is represented because you have the blue and the orange, which are opposites, and you have redish and green. This painting makes a person feel warm inside.
Odilon Redon presents a triadic color scheme because all the colors where put in the painting, almost in order. The painting makes you feel happy and want to rejoice.
Credits: All media
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