William Payne's Gallery

This Gallery is comprised of seven works all painted by Rembrandt in the Baroque style. Each work depicts a well know Biblical scene. Each one of the works shown here is highly emotional and dramatic. Each is a specific moment in time where the characters are reacting in an emotional way due to some intence or tragic events

The lighting and hue of this work help to convey both the intensity and the emotion of this moment, when Moses throws down the ten commandments in anger at the sin that the Israelite's were committing
The shadows of this work convey Jeremiah's pain at Jerusalem's destruction. The contrasting focal point, Jeremiah's face, is painted with a brighter hue which further displays his current distress
The right side of the work is far darker, representing death, and the left side is lighter representing the life that was just restored. The focal point is also very bright, intensifying Mary's wonder
The level of darkness in the work conveys the seeming hopelessness of the situation. Yet the light that is shining directly on St. Peter gives off a sense of hope.
The lighting on the Father and the Prodigal Son illustrates the grace shown in this welcoming return,whereas the lighting on the older brother hints at the conflict between the two brothers.
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