Abstract art

this is a collection of abstract art, as the name implies. i picked most of these just because they caught my eye.

i like this one because it can be interpreted as many things. i see it as a pay phone chained into the wall
this one reminds me of fraggle rock. Fraggle rock is an old tv show i used to watch when i was younger, though if im honest i watched it a few months ago on amazon.
This one reminds me of a beach. the light beige looks like the sand and the blue is of course the sea
this one reminds me of the movie the laybrinth because of the stair like lines.
i like this one because it contrasts chaos with simlpicity. and it actually works.
this one is kinda creepy in a sense, but i like it. it almost looks like skin and stab wounds.
i like this one because its quite odd. its a bunch of tiny little swords in the shape of a triangle.
This one reminds me of those i spy books. i used to love those, that was the only book id ever actually read.
This one makes me think of a forest in the morning, during spring time, that has a whole bunch of cherry blossoms.
i like all the designs in this one. there is 3D shapes and lines and blank colors. i just like it.
Credits: All media
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