The one shared experience

These men stand as tall as men have ever stood, but always the shade of death waits patiently to bring them low.
Here Adam and Eve enjoy paradise. They are the only ones who seem to know that a reckoning is coming.
In his hubris Icarus thought that he could fly like a bird. He forgot that men are not gods and that death comes for the young and the strong as well as the weak and frail.
When Satan took up arms against his master he did so thinking that he would never find defeat. When he in his pride fell, he experienced the realization that he would facilitate in so many others. That realization is the idea that nobody wins forever even if you choose not to accept it.
The fire and the ash care not for how bad or good you were. They care not that you were not prepared or that you left so much undone. They care care not if you loved or were loved. The only only thing the fire and ash cares about is consumption, and no amount of begging or praying will ever change that.
The stag has fought well and gained the respect of the viewer. But, in the end there is the choice between the hounds or the torrent. It is over. Acceptance is not necessary.
And here was a man who came only to help, to teach. To show us what could be good and right, and as a man he experienced the singular experience that awaits us all. Death comes for even the gods. How puny and laughable we are to think it will not come for us.
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