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The Great Leap Forward began in 1958 and ended in 1988. It was lead by Mao Zedong in an attempt to modernize the world to better compete with the west.
Mao targeted the production of agriculture. He made all men work on the fields to produce the most crops they could. All groups made really high goals.
They collected aimed for many acres of crops, they worked all day and hardly got any breaks.
Mao also targeted industry. All men were forced to gather any old tools or items than were made of iron or steel.
They burned it all in furnaces. These furnaces were made of stone, and there were everywhere, many people had them in their backyards. the main struggle at the time was keeping the furnace fueled.
This melted scrap metal was used to aid the industrialization process. They wanted to emphasize manpower rather than machines like the capitalists.
All men were needed on either the field or gathering scrap metal, so children were sent to nursing homes, because parents had no more time to spent with their children.
Many people were overworked, and everyone had to work unbearable for hours. They were all forced to walk, and they don't have any time for themselves.
Everybody was working towards a better china. They all believed that one day they will be as strong as the west.
Even though nobody liked working like this. they were all forced to, and nobody spoke against it.
Many of the Chinese get hurt due to many hazardous working conditions. Many people died working so hard. And almost all of them were starving.
Mao Zedong realized that the great leap forward was a total disaster. And he changed many things and he had set more realistic goals. during the Lushan conference.
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