Creatures of the Street

This gallery includes unique and creative representations of animal figures and various other creatures. These pieces are done in an assortment of styles, while all are pertinent to the street art medium.                                                                                                                                                                             - Gallery created by: Ryan Yindra

This piece depicts a city skyline on the back of a rhino. The rhino is the center of the composition and creates a great contrast between the natural world and man-made creations such as cities.
A very creative representation of a possum tormenting a city in a "Godzilla-esque" fashion. Great depth compliments the realism of the mural through its location on this 3-demensional structure.
These colorfully illustrated hyenas provide balance to each other through their reflective placement and vibrant, contrasting colors. Simple patterns and shadows cooperate to promote texture.
This piece utilizes the realism of multiple creatures to promote the idea of "the eternal dash - conservation of enrgy being preserved as it goes". A unique rendition of a hare makes this stand out.
This creation of a mythical cyclops, being hunted by a pack of men, contributes well to the theme of this gallery. The location of the piece, under an overpass, aids to its originality, relating to the "cave of the cyclops" in Greek mythology.
This is a colorful representation of a vibrant dragon scratching its belly. The sharp jagged lines of the figure are complimented well by the rugged texture and pattern of the brick facade.
This mechanical representation of an owl depicts an original take on the otherwise feathery textures of the creature. The colors and realism in the eyes brings more life to the robotic figure.
This representation of a watch dog in an alley is a prime example of a "Creature of the Street". The abstract painting of the dog-like figure provides another level of eeriness to the piece.
This realistic illustration focuses on the simplicity of a kookaburra and vibrant cherries. The artist was able to separate the brown bird from the similarly colored background with the inclusion of the bright contrasting cherries.
This large mural contains much detail throughout its entirety, but the focal point of the piece is the colossal fish in the center and the numerous fisherman trying to catch it. The artists use of a simplified color-palette helps draw the viewers focus to the action throughout.
Credits: All media
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