My Amazing Gallery 

by Zaeem Syed 

I selected this painting because I enjoy how the hare is positioned perfectly and there are many details in it.
I enjoy this painting because I like the color values in this. This painting had dark and light values reminding me of Gothic Art.
I enjoyed this artwork because I like how the ocean is the foreground and the rock is the middle ground. I also like how I can see the strokes in the ocean.
I enjoy this artwork because I like how shapes are used to make different shapes. I also like how there are different and contrasting colors. The lines on this painting are also interesting.
I enjoy this piece of art because only primary colors are used to emphasize the objects.This painting makes me think many different things it can be.
I enjoyed this painting because it reminds me of Halloween. I like how its really simple and how I can see the strokes on each box.
Credits: All media
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