Lines - Tyler

Tyler Saunders 3200499

In this drawing lines are used to add detail, in a very un-detailed manner, through the use of adding simple lines to certain surfaces of objects, the drawing itself seems more believable and detailed
This piece has very detailed ways in which lines are used of course, in things such as the mountains and men on horses bellow. However the way the lines are formed in this piece give it an almost storybook feel to the whole display of actions.
This drawing is weirdly appealing to the eye, it seems as it isn't purposely trying to be a very detailed realistic drawing, through the use of the lines in this piece there is a certain depth and flow that makes the piece unique
The use of lines in this, how there can be lines overlapping and straying swaying from the overall structure make the subject look almost as if its in a moving state, like you can witness the depressing state the character is in
This piece to me is amazing in subtleness that is presented in it, the lines in the main focuses are great and detailed sure, but the background lines outside of the character that really add a depth and complete feeling to background is what I enjoy of the lines in this piece.
It seems as if this drawing doesn't use any shading at all and is completely made out of lines, it makes the whole dawning flow almost in a direction and it really makes you admire how it was drawn
I like how the darkening and thickening of lines in certain areas really make all the pieces of the women in this piece just look natural, yet look so interesting
The use of different line structures and textures make the different environments feel completely different as well as come together in this one piece
Knowing where to place every line, makes every part of this artwork come to life, everything from the mountains to the sea just seem so much more believable and abstract looking because of how much the lines in this piece make everything from the mountains, trees an sea have feeling.
The just raw amount of line placement in this piece gives this artwork a just incredible amount of detail.
The detail in every single part of this almost map, if you zoom in to the drawing you can see the artist took the time to draw out every single line and detail in various things like bridges, houses, churches, and just everything, the piece itself looks like your zooming down onto a drawn version of a real city, because the smallest lines where used to make incredible detail.
Certainly this piece could be better if color was being talked about, however, I think all the colors are lines, everything in the artwork looks like brushstrokes of straight lines of color and the lines of colors are out together in such a way that make it piece of art
I feel as if in this drawing lines and outlines alike are used in a way that adds personality to the piece with a form of almost like animation looking style, and while given the meaning of the piece the use of lines together almost brings the family closer together
the use of lines in a perspective manner as used in the artwork, making the lines sink into the background making everything fade away into the point of sight makes this piece have the best use of depth and 3d feeling in the whole lines gallery
Credits: All media
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