Galicia_Extra Credit

The lighting and composition add to a more dramatic effect to this image.
The Variety and Unity of this image make it more visually interesting.
The color scheme in this image adds a darker tone to the image and is more visually interesting.
I love the components of texture that make up this image.
The amount of detail is insane. It is motivating to add details to my own drawings.
The vertical strikes make the image look mysterious. The texture is great too.
The spacing and proportions of this image make it look interesting.
The color scheme and shapes make up the basics to create this visual story, in which i like.
The variety that this image has to offer is interesting, mostly because they are just birds which make the story a little scary.
The assymetry in this image make it look great, for just being plain buildings.
The amount of detail this image offers is incredible. The lines and texture add up to the image perfectly.
The spacing and composition make up the whole image for me.
The construction that forms the figure seems perfect. It has a plain color scheme yet it is still interesting.
The texture seems odd to be in combination with the quality of work. The color scheme for the man is different.
The texture makes it seem like yarn, which is unique. The color scheme seems interesting.
The image contains lots of proportion, the variety of objects and the tree texture make it look great.
The use of same color scheme and scratchy textures convey a sad mood.
The clean paint work make it seem as if it were cell shaded. The line work is very fluid.
The contour lines of this image make it interesting, as well as the water gradient.
The color scheme, shapes, lines and texture make this image better. It seems to have a story behind it, and is unique.
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