If it's Baroque don't fix it 

Hello, I am Luke Hambly and I am the curator of the "If It's Baroque Don't Fix it" gallery.  I want my gallery to bring together some of the best Baroque pieces of the 15th Century and highlight the emotion shown in the paintings of the period. I hope you enjoy what I have collected and that you find them as stimulating as I do.  

The miracles of St. Francis Xavier features brilliant uses of contrasting colours, with vivid reds and dark blacks to convey the power majesty of the saint in action and his effects on the people.
Christ Cleansing the Temple is a very dramatic piece that features Jesus prominently in the painting. The decision to paint Him in bright reds and blues offsets the lighter colours seen with skill.
Virgin and Child in Glory uses brilliant brushstrokes to illuminate the Virgin and her Child, casting them in a holy glow. This highlights their significance as well as making them seem magnificent.
Nicolas Lanier is a sombre piece that captures the mood and feeling of the subject perfectly. White on black stands out well and the hair and facial details are astounding with skill put into clothing.
Infanta Margarita Teresa in a Blue Dress is an exquisite painting of a young girl in a elaborate dress. The expression is painted brilliantly and the detail on the dress is astonishing. A great work.
The Conquest of Jerusalem by Emperor Titus is a shining example of Baroque art using dramatic setting and subjects to convey the chaos of the event. Bright blues and reds offset whites and beige.
The Annunciation is a very biblical piece that has roots embedded in the Church. The subjects in the painting are porcelain white and look incredibly detailed, especially the angel in the foreground.
Salome is a bizzare piece that features a decapitated head on a tray being observed by two women. Notice the detailed folds in the clothing of the main dress as well as the soft green and blood red.
Toilette of Venus is one of my favourites for the perfect depiction of the goddess Venus who is displayed with characteristic beauty. Blues again dominate with reds and yellows adding to the majesty of the scene.
Saint Lucia has some of the most effective uses of contrast of all the pieces I have selected. By having the foreground in deep shadow, the focus is entirely on the Saint herself and the gorgeous reds, yellows and golds accentuate her power and beauty.
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