Malek Abedrabouh

This artifact highlights a side of the conflict that was not revealed in the textbook. This lottery ticket shows what Austria was like during times of peace. They used the lottery in times of war to fund war related welfare concerns.
I find this poster interesting because it displays the relationship between the Turkish in the Ottoman Empire and the Austrian empire. This unity is shown by the poster because it is printed in both German and Arabic
This photo grabbed my attention because it highlights the aftermath of the war and how veterans were treated and cared for. Many of these aspects were not shown in the textbook.
This image captures Austrian propaganda and the experience that the government wanted to instill in its soldiers. The image preaches about service to the emperor and service to the country itself
In contrast to the experience of soldiers the experience of citizens in Austria was much different. They lived in a constant state of food shortages and rationing of resources such as the coal displayed here. This image is also important because it reveals wartime without propaganda clouding the truth.
This image is one of the most interesting because it shows how wartime completely altered the household. Instead of the production of castles and such toys were now made to encourage the war effort. Children were now involved in the war's support as well
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