Pictorial Diary

This is a pictorial diary of my visit at the imperial war museum. I have found a series of different pictures that represent different times leading up to World War One, as that is the only war that I have studied so far in the course. I tried to choose photos that were based off of appropriate years and dates. A one page refection will be attached in an email as well.

Shemariah De Lottinville Module 2 Activity 4

I chose this photo to represent the defeat of the Germans at then end of the First World War.
From my view, this man's wife looks at his portrait on the wall with hope that he will soon return. She does not know that her homeland will have victory yet.
This photo represents the accumulation of the indigenous populations in Asia since colonialism/imperialism/nationalism took over their countries.
This picture represents the soldiers who have just finished the battle against Germany. Many have great battle wounds, but are thankful that the war is over and that they have beaten their rivals.
This photo demonstrates peace in Serbia before the plotting of the attack from Ausrtia- Hungary.
This African land is dominated by imperialism and nationalism. The land that once belonged to South African peoples is under reconstruction for a new attempt at civilization from the more developed countries around it.
This young girl is not old enough to know that it could possibly be her father making and alliance with Austria-Hungary, and planning a very large scale war.
This photo displays the soldiers who have made it home from battle safely at the end of World War One. To me, the lady on the left is waiting for her husband, but instead is greeted by his best friend for the news of his death. Many were lost at war. The families that could move on were very grateful and will not forget their partners.
These four friends cherish one another as a series of long term issues have slowly been leading ** to the war that will take place within their lifetime, only one year away.
This picture to me, represents the time period before war broke out. Russia, Britain, and France had a new alliance, but spent time relaxing, drinking, and listening to entertainment in the comfort of their own homes. Little did they know that ten years to date, the First World War would begin.
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