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"Every age projects its own image in its arts"                                                                                                                           In the twentieth century, several different types of artistic periods emerged. Along with Dadaism, Surrealism, and Abstract Expressionism, Cubism was one of the prominent artistic styles. Cubism breaks the objects within the picture into numerous geometric shapes and planes. As one of the most influential artistic periods in the twentieth century, Cubism began with Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque between 1907 and 1914. Instead of painting the picture to be three-dimensional, Cubists focused on making it two-dimensional.                                                                                                                                   The painters that are in this gallery are Paul Klee and Juan Gris.

The howling dog is probably located to the right in this painting, with an odd object to the left of it. It appears as if the artist of this painting painted the background, drew a circle for a sun (or moon) and then drew a continuous line of swirls and loops which just so happened to look like a wolf. This painting is not detail at all, and has no depth or volume; two-dimensional.
"The Lamb," even though it looks more like a pig than a lamb, appears to have a cross stuck in its head. The "expression" on the lamb's face looks as if it is in pain, or that it is confused. Either way, the color choices in this painting are odd and don't really have a definite pattern. The painting is completely two-dimensional, not giving it any volume, depth, or detail.
Since this painting lacks shading, it also lacks depth. The canvas looks as if it is flat, and there is no blending of color. The objects are primarily consisted of geometric shapes and lack detail. The shutters on either side of the painting look as if they are out of place, and that the guitar could just slide right off of the table it is on.
Even though the title of the painting is "Dance of Moth," the object in the center of the painting looks nothing like a moth, but more of a human. Regardless of the title, the picture consists of geometric shapes, like the background which is covered in small squares, each one being a different color and/or shade. The painting overall just gives a sad or depressed feeling.
This painting is divided up into several different rectangles. Within these rectangles, there is a different scene. When all of these scenes are together, they form to make some type of string instrument. Whether it is a guitar, cello, or a violin, there is not much three-dimensional qualities. The string instrument also appears to be floating in mid-air, with nothing underneath to support it.
In this painting, it is clear to see that the glass is on the left side of the painting. However, the water bottle is more difficult to find. Regardless of trying to find the objects, the whole painting consists of geometric shapes and straight lines. The neutral colors in this painting give it a dull feeling, since there is not much detail to it.The two-dimensionality of this picture seems to overpower.
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