Of Myths and monsters

This galley is a representation of some of the myths around the world as well as monsters that give rise to myths of their own. Created by: West Berrian

A blue skinned devil surrounded by fox-like demons. This Painting looks like the monsters are getting ready to play a gig in your nightmares.
An epic battle with the god of Thunder. I Chose this painting because if it's roots in Norse Mythology.
Hercules is battling the hydra. I chose this Panting because it is a myth that has been told many times.
The Monkey King Sun Wukong depicts The Monkey King casting a spell. The Monkey King is a Myth from Asian culture about a naughty monkey who is punished by Buddha and sent on a journey of redemption.
Kurbads The hero and the nine headed devil depicts Kurbads beating a demon with a stick. In this painting The monster is centered and the eye flows to Kurds and his club.
Achilles Educated by the Centaur Chiron depicts Achilles riding Chiron. This painting shows two legends in one painting.
Ulysses and the Sirens depicts Ulysses tied to the mast of his ship as the sirens try to tempt him. This painting is a visual representation of a scene from the Iliad.
Venus Reclining on a Sea Monster with Cupid and Putto depicts Venus relaxing on a sea monster. Venus, who is known for her beauty is proving it by appearing to seduce a sea monster.
Daniel in the Lion's Den depicts a praying Daniel surround by lions. This painting was chosen because of its depiction of the biblical story of the same name.
Green Eyes depicts one monster being eaten by another. This painting's flow causes you to start at the tail and follow what is left of its body to the eyes of the beast which is watching you.
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