Using red as a highlighter

When red is more than a representation of warmth or love, it works wonderfully to highlight the beauty of things. 

The red is the most eye catching color of the piece, it highlights the shapes of the kimonos and makes great contrast against the yellow background.
The vest is clearly the first thing we see in the painting, it is a vibrant color opposite to the blues and earth colors that compose the piece.
Here, the red in contrast with the white not only serves as the main background but flowing accordingly wight he curvature of the white shapes, provides a sense of depth in the picture
The red jacket is the first thing that attract the viewers attention, and in contrast to the other colors it automatically generates the outline of the woman.
Apart from being a beautiful and simple background, the contrast the red makes with the main shape creates a focal point for the viewer.
The red hat in contrast to the white snowy background is the main structure in the piece, and there'd mittens give direction and outline to the human
The red wardrobe is the most vibrant piece in the painting, making it catching. It gives direction in the painting and also leads to the perspective points.
Being a black and white linear piece, the red functions as a contrast in color and shape, being a vibrant color and curvy/swirly.
The red/maroon defines the shapes of the women and emphasizes the greatest attributes they have. It also gives movement and direction to the piece.
The red dress and outline of the sofa are great to define the shape of the woman without contouring it. The contrast with the blue couch and fair skin make it the most catching part of the piece
The red tree in contrast to the blue background is very shocking and eye catching. The black and darker shadows emphasize the piece
Red is the main color here, giving it the shape. When filled with the black ink marks it creates the pattern
The red jacket attracts the attention to the viewer since it is in great contrast against the soft background and emphasizes the face of the general.
The red in the eyes makes the piece not only more interesting, but intriguing as well, suggesting there is something happening to the sculpture. It might be possessed by a greater evil perhaps.
Being the main shape and centered which different shades, red is the main color in the picture, making it eye catching but not too heavy balancing it with blues and earth colors.
It is thanks to the red that we see the shapes in contrast to the white of the piece
Although the red and the yellow are fighting for attention, the contrast the red has against the white and blue makes it the main focus of attention to be followed by the yellow
Opposite to other pieces, red here is made the main color, using a contrasting white to create the shapes. But it is the dark red against the lighter more orange red that creates the visual impact.
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