ngawang ancient egyptain exhibit

This is a heart as a amulet to show that they are brave or powerful made in 644-332 b.c.
This is a broad collar it's like a neackless and i think it's on isis and made in 1336-1327 b.c.e. 1327- 1323 b.c.e or 1323 - 1295 b.c.e.
This is a ointment-spoon it's for maybe to put ointment on your hurt or got a cut to save your ointment. And made in 1336-1327 b.c.e.
This is a kneeling statue of khaemwaset has is a kneeling statue because if you kneel that is repect to the person your kneeling to . Made in 1281- 1277 b.c.e.
This is a statue of a family group they made it because it's a family and there in a group .Made in 2371-2298 b.c.e.
This is a cup to drink and it has some hioglifics on it .Made in 985-974 b.c.e.
This is a beard from a statue of a god it was made in 644-30 b.c.
This is a hollow core vessel in form of a fish because they needed to catch fish to eat and the vessel to get some water to.Made in 1390-1292 b.c.e.
This is a amulet in the form of a human-headed bird . And it's a syomble in ancient egypt . Made in 644 b.c.e.
This spoon with jackal handle is for eating food the ancient egypt made this spoon to eat their food.Made in 1539-1292 b.c.e.
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