Naturally Beautiful

My Gallery will display various works of art that are a testament to nature and its beauty. Through a number of mediums you will see portraits of nature and its beautiful colors. This gallery will also display works of art created with nature. These works of art are “Naturally Beautiful”.

This sand sculpture captures nature in Siberia. A man can be seen in a sled being pulled by a reindeer. Also shown are animals native to Siberia, wolves and the Stellar sea eagle. A woman can be seen bidding the man farewell as a little girl smiles up at her. The concept of this sculpture embodies the "Natural Beauty" through its emphasis on nature and the natural elements of Russia. The medium of sand and the scale of the exhibit do well to bring the mountain, which is the centerpiece of the exhibit, to life.
This is a water color painting of Pink Hollyhocks captured in the sunlight. The artists captured this flower in its habitat as a part of nature and not as a still painting in a vase. The balance of color create the illustration of the sun lighting hitting the flower of the plant and tapering off as it gets lower on the plant.
This oil painting is of a boy shepherd exhaustedly sitting as the sheep graze. Mountains emerged in sunlight can be seen in the background. This painting was constructed using a dot application method. Through the principles of design the movement of the clouds can be seen as the sheep herder is also immersed in sunlight and the clouds cove the pond and stream right up to the belly of the mountains.
This wood carving depicts a woman fromigna circle with four other people around the base of the carving. going up the carving further swans are seen also encircled looking up at what seems to be the sun. This wood sculpture places the emphasis on nature by the objects of the sculpture sowing together in their respective groups to create a circle to each other to pay homage to the sun.
This is an oil patining of the Staruucca Viaduct located in Susquehanna River Vally in Pennsylvania. The painting was a celebration of American industry and to illustrate the artists standpoint of nature being able to handle the infiltration of technology. The robust color in the foreground of the painting is to show the plants and trees as healthy and vivrant.
This work of art is a photo made with a 6-pinhole camera, created by the artist. This photo emphasizes the beauty of nature throughout these tulips. This image is a panoramic view through the pinhole camera. The flowers are bright and saturated with color. They seem to also get brighter in the areas where the sunlight beams down on them.
This concrete sculpture is a representation of the artist love of surrealism and interest in abstract art. This sculpture is to represent a human form struggling to break free from its confines. The Abstract form of the sculpture is a testament to the artists move to the art genre. The natural element is maintained through the medium used to create this sculpture.
This Video Installation is of a beautiful waterfall. The waterfall is scaled to seem realistic and the placement of the video installation seem to match the environment beyond the doors. This exhibit promotes the wonders and beauty of nature. It brings a feeling of utopia to an otherwise less stunning surrounding.
This Photo is of Hosu Park in Illsan. The colors of the trees, grass, and plants are captured in the night sky. The spring flowers are in bloom and are colorful. This picture is a really good representation of nature and its beauty. The clot of the evening sky serves a colorful backdrop for the grass and spring plants. The balance and from are skewed creating a implosion of the photo..
This young woman who is a representation of nature is removing her veil to expose herself to her audience. This statue is made out of marble, granite and other stones and concrete products. The fact that the woman is an allegory of nature and the statue is made from nature is an emphasis on how beautiful things can come out of nature.
Credits: All media
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