art elements

lines can have many different qualities: thick, thin, long, short, diagonal, curving, sharp, jagged, broken, etc... this picture has line strokes.
refers to objects found in natures that are irregular or freeform. this picture is nature thats why i choice it.
Refers to hard edges, perfect shapes, and human designed shapes. I choice this picture because the edges on his face is perfect and its a human.
Refers to an object which has height, width, and depth. With a sculpture or architecture you can walk around them, look above them, and enter them. I choice this picture because you can be inside and around it and its a sculpture
a three-dimensional shapes expressing length, width, and depth, cylinders, boxes, and pyramids are forms. I choice this because the buildings are 3d.
color is derived from reflected light. color has three properties: hue, value, and intensity. I choice this picture because theres two different colors and values.
Refers to the lightness or darkness of a hue. I choice this picture because the lightness and darkness of this photo.
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