The meaning of family- deandre rittman

Each piece of artwork or picture depicts that the tradition of family togetherness has always been the major component of raising a family. Most of the art in my gallery shows marriage tradions and moral development throughout our history of building a traditional stepping stone for family.

This piece of artwork depicts a older couple that looks sad and in poverty. The piece depicts the use of shapes and the color red, by painting the head scarf the wife is wearing to match the apples in her hand. This shows that this was a time period when women were hard labor workers.
The artist with his family shows a demeanor of happiness and togetherness of the family holding hands and smiling. The lady in the fore front holds a book that seems to be a morality book, based on the tradition of family and laws.
This sketch depicts the use of color and visual attraction to the couple by using clothing and keeping the the other figures blended into the background. The family of the groom shows of joyful vibe, while the bride family shows a look of concern and worry. The use of flowers and trees was used in most historic artwork.
This artwork of Neptune and Amphitrite is a mythical type of painting that depicts a sea goddess getting married with the attendance of other family members. It shows a horse running through the water and some type of unknown fling creature that resembles a dolphin.
This drawing shows a family raising their kids and spending quality time them. The love of a family member is a natural feeling that I feel will forever be and will continue to grow because of the untrustworthiness of our environment today.
The Family of Shepherds shows the love parents had for their kids without the bright colors.The mother has a joyful facial expression as she nurses her infant child. The picture shows a different type of sketchy artwork. This is also shows the importance of family.
This colorful painting shows a bright and happy atmosphere with the kids smiling and playing with their toys and just being kids. This realistic pictures uses many features to depict the happiness of being married with kids.
Most families lives revolved around their production of nurturing their own food to eat and survive. Garden were used quite a bit in painting to show the beauty of outdoor life and seasons. Japanese and Chinese are very popular for their traditional Gardens that was created for the pleasure and meditation time with Nature.
This a funerary marble sculptured artwork of husband and wife. The artwork depicts a man that looks like he could be up in age with no signs of facial hair. The wife has a serious demeanor shown in this piece of work. Caltilius and Caltilia were from the Roman culture during the times when funerary sculptures were popular to represent higher power figures.
This piece of art grabs your attention with the dramatics of Belisarius carrying his young follower on his muscular frame with his eyes closed. It seems as if the young boy is hurt very serious by a snake bite, which is wrapped around hei ankle. The painting depicts depicts that Belisarius was very well in shape to be a war general. The sunset in the background also supports the drama of the scenery in the image.
This is a drawing that looks as if the father is highly upset with one of his sons. This drawing shows the size of a family in one resident at this time. The use of lines is used perfectly to draw out this realistic picture. The dramatics was at a high level and involves all figures in the image.
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