Urban Nature - Sean Weaver

“Urban Nature” is a beautifully themed gallery featuring pieces of art that showcase clashes of Mother Nature within the everyday urban life.  Pieces in this gallery have two themes that form together to create a unique clash of formed lines of streets, buildings, and other man made structures with the natural unpredictable curves of mother nature.

“Ely Cathedral from the Park” is an excellent start to this gallery. It features the older extravagant architecture of the man made cathedral as well as having beautifully framed trees from Mother Nature. The clash in this piece of art between nature and urban life is created by the spacing in the picture starting from the left to the right we have nature, building, nature, building, and then nature again. This observation is repeated if you observe vertically; Nature in the grass, buildings, then nature again in the sky.
“Coast View with the Abduction of Europa” features a vignette framing of nature on the left side of the image with the sight of older urban style of a city in the background. While the urban side of this picture is more subtle, you can still clearly see the clash in lines between the straight man made tower near the center of the image and the unpredictable lines of mother nature in the trees to the right of the tower.
“Aeneas and Anchises escaping from troy” showcases the clothing style of the 1700’s as well as the amount of detail a man or woman put into crafting this statue. What is particularly beautiful in this piece is the clash of a more cement like urban street color scheme in the statue with the vibrant colors in the upper part of the image from mother nature.
“Flower Sea Maze Flower Sea Maze” is a unique piece in that it has a blurred streak of urban lights running through the image. This directly clashes with the unpredictable curves and bends in the trunks of the trees as well as clashes with the color of the trees and grass. While there are green streaks that match the colors of the nature, there are more pink colored streaks that don’t match and clash with the green theme of the image.
“Serpentine Gallery Pavilion 2011 by Peter Zumthor” is a particularly intriguing piece. This image features a urban flat faced building that has nearly no color and a very block like shape with a gorgeous large tree framing the shot. What is interesting about this piece is not tree itself but the clash between mother nature and the building through the use of light and shadows.
“35-Road” has a eerie feel to the piece. It features an urban cityscape in the distance with a haze around the bottom buildings to depict distance and has a brick pathway leading to the city. The strange thing about this image is the use of organic material with plants places every few steps. These two elements clash well together and give a feeling of curiosity as to what is in store as you go up the path.
“Flower8” is an artistically different piece when compared to any other piece in this gallery. This piece features a panorama like image of the ground with earthy colors of mother nature and has an almost portal like effect showing the view looking up into the urban street seeing the straight lines of the man made buildings.
“MetamorphosisIV” is unlike most of the pieces in this gallery in that for starters it is the only piece that is taken inside. The urban gray theme with pure white lighting on the dirty wooden pallets blend well together but in the middle of this piece is a clash of green color from what appears to be some sort of moss.
“Los Angeles, California” features a view of people waling down the sidewalk in the middle of an urban city. What draws your attention immediately in this picture is the women centered in the image but if you look below them there is a naturally almost man like shapes drawn on the ground creating a “v” shape. These lines could not have been formed with out the sun or the trees in the street in combination of the women walking in the image.
“Hexascape37” is a beautiful image from the ground that features cut up pieces of yellow flowers and building in the city all pieced together. What Is unique about this piece is the dramatic colors of blue in the building caused by the natural reflection of the sky and how that clashes and changes the feeling of a usually dull building into a natural open feel.
Credits: All media
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