The Creative Of Symmetry 

By Harrison,Anthony

I picked this because it shows equals sides on a circle with designs that are balance.
I loved how this art work was shaped to a building and has a symmetry look though-out the whole thing.
This art work I thought was interesting because this makes me feel like i'm really looking at her from the view of the symmetry housing shape.
I love how the women in rectangle has symmetry in every face of the sides which gets close or far.
I love how this stone dagger was formed it does not have any messed up sides and looks symmetrical.
This dress has a symmetrical patterns sewed into it
I like this photo because its symmetry is equal. If you cut it in half in the center it still shows the same path.
This painting shows a chair with a hat that can be cut in the middle that looks the same.
These Cap streamers are symmetrical in size and pattens.
I love how everything is lined up in symmetry which gives the room a royal.
This Corseted Doublet Item is formed with correspondence threading patten.
All the little bowls match the geometric to the out lines of the spaces that the bowls lays on its 8 bowls and 8 flower petals which is Symmetry.
This art work has axis that mets to a point at the top of the house shape and matches.
This has a symmetrical view on the sides of the room to the center.
I like how this shape of the water-14 is showing how it looks when your in water but in the shape you can see inside has symmetry.
Credits: All media
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