Phases of beauty

To love beautiful things is to taste life at its best... To create beautiful things is to create art!

This oil on canvas, Reverie, inspires me in thinking that tranquility and peace can be obtained in the most sudden moment of ones life. The amount of light, the colors used are so harmonious and delicate, it makes me think that the muse was experiencing inner spirituality, joy and happiness. The landscape of this setting in the Pre-Raphaelite era is so exquisite that it has capture the beauty of that time.
The battle painted on this egg tempera on wood panels records in detail some aspect of the battle. The colors although rich, are also dark and somewhat flat, it invites us to think of the feeling of brutality of those events. You can easily imagine the battle in your mind.
This elaborate Asian copper crown rich in color and stones, is so symbolic of rank. The Nepalese Buddhist occupied the highest rank in their community; the crown is created with diadem plaques and it was worn on the occasions of the consecration of newly installed icons of that community. Unlike other objects used for ceremonies and rituals, this piece when worn, it adorned the head of the person wearing it.
This monument made of lead makes me think of the dimensions in which we cope with life, love, and stress. The amazing detail of how it was molded, how the figures are intertwined presenting the underworld and nature remind me of how we experience the same every day in actuality. I like how the story of Prosperina and Pluto became the original explanation as to how we have an annual cycle for crops.
This plaster model of Napoleon reflects the dominating personality of this emperor as a political leader. His garments persuade us to think he was the highest in rank, authority and power, the statue expresses well his position in politics, very majestic.
This Fresco is absolutely magnificent; it is flat, abstract, yet colorful and inviting. I like how this contemporary art piece was created in collaboration of multiple artist. The personality of this Fresco seems so new, so urban, so analytical yet the color blue reminds us that there is feeling entrapped within.
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