Teapot- When-  1755-1760 Where- London. Jar- When- 1880- Where- Circa, India. Dish- When-14th century- where- southern china. vessel- When- 1AD- 800AD- Where-  Peru 

This teapot is very symbolical to England because it represents all of the fossils found in England and it has great meaning to them. The shape, detail, and color stand out very well when you look at this ceramic. This teapot is made of clay. They didnt want to make an just an ordinary teapot, they wanted to represent something. This is a very cultural design of work. It reflects on Englands history. What amazes me about this artwork is the shape and design of it. This piece is pretty rare but some teapots have the same handle just not the same design.
This piece of art is very cool because it has a lot of detail and is very cultural. This ceramic looks very old because the detail is fading at the top. The shape and detail really catch my eye when I look at this clay project. This project is made out of clay. It is arranged this way because of the culture it is made from. India is the culture that this project came from. This ceramic reflects on the cultures history and beliefs.They have a tradition in pottery making. It amazes me because of the detail on it.
What i see in this artwork is the detail put into it. I also see the crane in the middle of it and the flowers right next to the crane. What i also see is the color and the form of the dish because on the edges it isnt just round it is formed almost like a flower. This artwork is made out of clay. This is a very cultural dish from China. This connects to the history of china because it was made centuries ago to discover other countries cultures and how there cultures varied. This piece of art amazes me because the detail in the crane and the flowers.
This piece of are is important to Peru because it symbolizes the time they went through during this time period. It symbolizes horror to them. i see a lot of different types of colors from the same family in this project. The shape and the colors stand out to me a lot. The meaning of this work is very cultural because of what the culture went through. This connects to the cultures beliefs. The different colors in the art amaze me.
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