Unfamiliar Pieces

This gallery is for all the pieces I run into that I find interesting but have never heard of. Most of the pieces are from artists I'm unfamiliar with, but some are just pieces from a familiar artist that I've never seen before.

My hope is that this gallery can be my way to keep track of and investigate artists I don't know and broaden my knowledge and experience of art.

This painting's strange atmophere is what initially drew me to it. The hazyness creates such a mysterious mood, The more you look, the more you find - like this ominous character wearing a red scarf. His back is turned to us like he's walking away, but what draws mysterious attention to him is that the only one who seems to notice him is the man in the top hat at the table in the lower right corner, who is looking back at him, watching him leave. It feels like he's a ghost.
Credits: All media
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