5th amendment

By: Ashlynn Ball, Ryan Wong, Austin Kuo

This man was shot dead after he was found holding firearms in court. In the act of self protection people act to keep their self safe instead of following law (Bad)
In this picture the officers may be reading his rights to him. These rights include a statement, reminding him that he has the 5th amendment which is the right to remain silent and not self incriminate himself.
This picture relates to my(ashlynn) article because he is taking to 5th amendment by not speaking. That's why his mouth is closed shut.
This picture represents my article [ryan] because my article is about how they shot a man without bringing him to justice without pleading the fifth.
This man was beheaded before he was taken to justice.The due process states that clear rules must be followed to arrest and act reasonable as possible.Act of murder is known as unreasonable.
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