Habits and Tendencies

All humans have some type of routine or daily habit. To us, it is just a nervous biting of the nails or not letting a girl play on a boys team because she isn't believed to be capable. However, these thoughts and reflexes give more insight to human nature than we think.

As humans, we crave connection. We need to be surrounded by people, and to have someone to talk to. In this picture, the need for touch is depicted very well, as these prisoners are so secluded.
There is always talk of the need for world peace. However, conflict always prevails to be a stronger force. As humans, we cannot live without conflict, it gives us something to work for and against.
If women don't have equal opportunities as men, chaos breaks out. Gender inequality has become part of our international mindset. There is talk about correcting this, but not many actions made.
Equality is becoming more apparent everyday. Women truly making a difference, for they are finally allowed to. Fairness and equality are flexible terms, but should apply to everyone.
However, racial inequality is international. It is believed different races have decreased value, and is seen everywhere. This picture displays the lack of racial diversity from a political view.
There are people all over the world stopping this negative but widespread mindset. Martin Luther King was one of the most influential of those people, and devoted his life and energy to this cause.
Extreme segregation is seen mostly in history. Anyone who had a different skin color or nationality was put in misery, and forced to look up to another race. It was cruel, but shouldn't be ignored.
As humans, we have the tendency to belittle others, to boost our self confidence. There is a constant need to be superior and have authority, and discrimination was used to achieve exactly that.
In spite of all of the power struggles, every human has a desire to love and be loved. We must forget out differences and accept them, providing each and every person their own version of equality.
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