The Bill Of Rights

Jyotsna Dhir

Amendment 1 explains how people have the right to basic freedoms like freedom of speech, religion, or even no religion. These birds are free, flying wherever they want to, and have no religion but they aren't being punished for it because they have the right to do these things.
Amendment 2 states that people have the right to carry guns and weapons. This man is protecting the woman with his gun, because he has the right to.
Amendment 3 states that a soldier may not stay in someone's house without the owner's permission. People are allowed to say no to the soldiers. These balloons have vibrant colors which can represent a warning sign as if saying "no".
Amendment 4 states that people have the right to their privacy and they're belongings may not be searched unless there's a warrant and a good reason. The girl who's hiding will only show herself if she wants to be found, kind of like how you need someone's permission to invade their privacy.
Amendment 5 states that you do not have to experience self incrimination or double jeopardy. This lady is in a chair and silent almost as if being interrogated but she isn't saying anything to give herself away.
Amendment 6 - right to public trial without unnecessary delay, impartial jury, right to know who you're accusers are. This picture represents this amendment, because the animals are like the defendants, the climate that they live in is the impartial jury, and they're self defense is the defense lawyer.
Amendment 7 - value of controversy shall exceed $20, no fact tried by jury shall be reexamined in any court of the U.S.A. This coin is worth less than $20 so you can't make it into a lawsuit.
Amendment 8 - no excessive bails, no excessive fines, no cruel and unusual punishments inflicted. In this picture there is a woman who cut off a man's head which wouldn't be allowed as a punishment, because it's cruel and unusual.
Amendment 9- The rights that aren't written in the constitution are still there. In this painting there is person that's hard to see because he/she id covered by a sheet, but still there.
Amendment 10 - Powers not delegated to the U.S. by thee constitution are given to the states or the people. In this picture there are people gathering rice which is like the states or people gathering power which is reserved for them.
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