WOMEN IN COLOR creates feelings. portrayed by men  throughout THE CENTURIES-BY KASIA HAJDUCZENIA

This gallery represents  women as a creators of feeling portrayed by men artists eye throughout the centuries. Portraits are in color and represents female beauty and how they make us feel by looking at the. All are created by men artists. 

This painting represents two women relaxing on a park. It fits perfectly for a team of my gallery. Sargent created it by using organic lines. Soft, complementary colors creates relaxing mood.
Dali's vision of woman is erotic. Thanks to using soft colors and clear, organic lines he showed female as an symbol of temptation.Negative space creates two dimension feeling.
Woman created by Fyodorovsky is chaotic. Thanks to using complimentary colors he created loud and anxiety feeling. Texture feels rough. Contrast between character and background make 3 dimension illusion.
Graffitimundo captured woman's face during pleasure moment. Colors are analogous and that creates relaxing scheme. There is no 3 dimension feeling. Lots of soft, curvy lines and warm, negative space
Modigliani portrait of women seems full of sadness. Thanks to using dark value and analogous color scheme he created feeling of reflection. Texture is smooth. Contrast creates 3 dimension illusion
Rivera's portrait of a woman is chaotic. Lots of straight , sharp lines,and dark colors creates feeling of chaos and tension. Plenty of geometric and dynamic shapes supports chaotic feeling.
Sérusier created portrait of woman sitting on a shore. Thanks to curvy lines, soft, analogous colors he achieved feeling of peace and harmony. Contrast between dark ocean, yellow sand and dark umbrella created 3 dimension illusion
Another example of piece and harmony created by De Maistre. Woman relaxing on a beach. He achieved this feeling by using warm ,analogous colors, soft, curvy lines and limited contrast.
Schiele's woman is full of pain. By using dark, contrasting colors artist created feeling of anxiety. Design is loud and harsh. Contrast between character and background creates 3 dimension illusion.
Another portrait of Rivera's vision of a woman, how different than the first one. Soft colors, curvy, rounded and organic lines and lots of dynamic creates feeling of happiness and live. 3 dimension illusion created by contrast between green floor and pastel background.
Credits: All media
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