Frida Kahlo

All these pictures are from the famous Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The pictures that I have chosen from her collection, also represents the Earth's elements: Land/Soil, Air, Water, and Fire.

This picture represents the element land and soil because there is a plant growing out of the ground and with the Earth. Also this picture shows actually what is underneath the grass and plants.
This picture represents the element of the wind because there are people in the air, which is a major part of the picture. Also the people in the air are in heaven so they are dead, but dying is a part of life and the Earth.
This picture by Frida Kahlo represents the element of water since there is an ocean and powerful waves in the background. Also in this picture it looks like there is a storm going on in the background so the rain is also representing water.
This picture represents the element of fire because Frida Kahlo uses a lot of red and there is both a strike of lightning and the Sun which contain the element, fire.
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