gatherings? what are they?

Gatherings everywhere are what makes our life. Unfortunately nowadays we are so caught up in our social media lives that we see nothing beyond it. This gallery takes back to the days when gathering were important and the only way people actually communicated through, most of the time. All the paintings are from different genres and themes but all given the same meaning. 

This piece is called Dance at Le Moulin de la Galette.Oil on canvas. The scene for the painting is a dance party that would be taken place at a popular club back in the 19th century.
Oil on canvas. This painting shows the effect of light on our senses as the artist was known from his paintings on landscapes for so. It takes place on Paris, the oldest bridge in Paris.
The painting reflects the changing character of the French society all the way up to the mid late 19th century. Its taking place in a famous restaurant of the French Society.
Oil on canvas. This painting depicts people relaxing in a park that is located in the Seine River called La Grande Jatte. The painting is done in pointillism.
Oil on canvas. This painting is seem to shown a group of men and their wives dining and wining in the elegance of their times. The typical house party can be seen through this.
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