Emphasis/Focal Point

Mahal uses lines to emphasize the building which is the main focal point. Also, with the building being white and the trees leading up to it being dark, it becomes the main focal point.
Brest uses a bright blue color in an otherwise dark photo to bring your eyes straight to the people.
Preziosi draws attention to the people in the middle using a high contrast than the rest of the photo and brighter colors.
Gandolfi has Jesus brighter than the people below him and the people staring up at him making him the main focus of the picture.
Eyes are instantly drawn to the tall, red jester. This was purposeful of Zamacois to bring your attention to that jester.
Guiard had a bright red dot almost in the middle of the picture on the girls mouth, white instantly brings attention
Pantoja de la Cruz uses the lines in the curtain behind the prince to bring your eyes to him. Also, his big, white collar accentuates him.
Giampietrino has a different approach with having multiple focal points, each getting framed and having different color clothes on.
Although this is called the blue coat and is definitely the emphasis of the painting, my eyes are drawn to the red lipstick the Mann painted on the women.
Audubon uses a triangular line approach to guide your eyes to the middle of the ducks beaks.
Credits: All media
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