green is everything

I hope to use this exhibit to show how green can be used to bring out a natural feel to any piece wether its street art or landscape.

Street art of a tribal dressed woman with a peacock as a head dress, the green brings the tribal feel to the forefront.
A street art piece of a relaxing chimpanzee, the green once again captures the natural feel in a city landscape.
A street art piece of a large reptile, the green is used to great effect to capture its natural color as well as separate it from the rest of its surroundings.
Beautiful abstract in green
Monet uses green hues to capture a beautiful midday walk through the garden.
a landscape painting with a green sky almost seemingly reflecting the ground before it.
Green being used to actually capture mountainous terrain
A landscape painting with green dominating the palletes
A piece capturing a communion of sorts, green surrounds the group adding an almost whimsical feel.
Beautiful green mountainous terrain done in post feudal era japan,
Seems like an optical illusion of a lush green forest
Linear perspective piece with descending trees used to display a sense of length
Painting of an indigenous tribe encircled in a green paradise
Street art, the use of green background and typography accurately gives its subject sense of belonging to a jungle
Seems to be a village meeting discussing the revolution at hand, surrounded by such beautiful green brush and landscapes it is surprising such a thing could reach them.
Credits: All media
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