Art & Love by Gillian Waggie

Love is defined as a deep affection for someone. Yet, love can be seen in many ways. You can have a deep affection for almost anything. The possibilities are endless. In art, love is depicted in a variety of ways. Through the pieces I have picked and described I will be able to showcase the many different ways artists show love through their work.

Double portrait of Marie and P.S. Krøyer. The couple have portrayed one another, Marie Krøyer, 1890, From the collection of: Skagens Museum
This piece of art is a portrait of a newlywed couple. While on their honeymoon, the artists showed their love for one another by painting one another.
A Loving Mother Feeding Her Baby, Shin Han-pyeong, 1726/1826, From the collection of: Korea Data Agency
This photo shows the bond and love between a mother and their child. You can clearly see the bond between the mother and the child by the way she is holding the baby.
Love, He Jianping, 2009, From the collection of: Hong Kong Heritage Museum
This poster was created to showcase the bond between Taiwan and China. It was made to depict the one thing that would bond them together forever. That thing being Love.
Mrs Ane Brøndum in the blue room, Anna Ancher, 1913, From the collection of: Skagens Museum
This painting is a portrait of the Artist's mother. She would almost always paint her mother, but she did it simply out of her love for her.
Puzzle Purse Valentine Card, 1790, From the collection of: The Postal Museum
The unique piece of work is a handwritten Valentine's Card. The artist who created it clearly loved whomever it was intended for because of the beautiful writing and poetic words they use.
Venus and Adonis, Peter Paul Rubens, circa 1610, From the collection of: Kunstpalast
This piece is an obvious one. It is of Venus and Adonis, the Greek gods. Venus is of course the Goddess of Love.
Danny Roy Young 1941 to 2008, Kerry Awn, 2008, From the collection of: South Austin Popular Culture Center
Some people don't just love people, but can love objects as well. This artist painted a portrait of Danny Roy Young and his beloved car after his death.
The letter, He Kongde, 1956, From the collection of: Huaren Contemporary Art Museum
This image depicts soldiers while in their little free time reading letters from their relatives and families whom they loved and were concerned for.
101 Kinds of Love, Kim, Bum Su, 2008, From the collection of: Korean Art Museum Association
In this work, the artist uses a variety of different types of hearts to show the many ways of love. Whether is first love or forgotten love, all is represented in the piece.
Rhododendron in Tuxen's garden, Laurits Tuxen, 1917, From the collection of: Skagens Museum
While in Europe, this artist mostly painted Royal portraits, yet after a trip to Skagen, he discovered a new love of painting the garden's there. This being one of those paintings.
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