Review of elements

I neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work -Katrina Clark

In this painting there is form, texture, shape, color and space. The form is the flowers and looking 3-D. The texture of this painting would be realistic of how it would actually feel. The shapes in this are circles, squares, and other organic shapes. The colors in this are light and space is the background because there isn't anything there.
This painting the elements it contains are line, shape, form, value, color, and texture. The lines are dark and mostly organic and free handed, they are both horizontal and vertical. The shapes in this painting are mostly all organic. There is value on the table as it starts out light in the front and gets darker in the back.The forms are organic and free formed. the colors are light with some standing out, like orange, pink and blue.
This painting has the elements shape,value, texture and color. The shapes are circles like seen in the oranges and semi circles are used as bowls, they are drawn in a 2-D way. The value changes as the shadows gets darker, like by the bowl of fruit. The texture of this would be rough, the table looks very rough. The colors in this are dull except the fruit that are bright.
There is line, shape, color, texture, and space shown in this picture. The lines outline all the shapes in this picture. The shapes in this are ovals circles and other free handing drawings like the branch and birds. The texture looks to be really rough because of the use of the certain type of canvas, this doesn't have much detail. The space is in the background with the empty ares.
There is line, shape, value, and color shown in this painting. The lines are organic and outline the shapes exactly. The value in this is showed by the blue color filling up the space, in some areas it is darker than others. The colors in that are orange, green, brown, and blue. The shapes are mostly circles showing the outlining of the oranges.
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